Costs and what to expect from us

Cost involved

Applying to Complete Au Pair as an au pair is free of charge. We do not make any profit by filing applications and we do not charge anything to our (aspiring) au pairs for the application, training or preparation. Please do note that there are still some expenses involved in participating, because you will need to obtain a passport (if you don’t have one yet), birth certificate and CENOMAR. There will be some minor expenses in Holland as well, such as paying for your Dutch bank account or a small part of your health insurance (just a couple of hundred peso’s a month).


What you can expect from us

It is our duty as au pair agency to be there for both you and the host family (we are even obliged by law to do this). You are staying in a foreign country, so we are well aware of the fact that you most likely will have questions to ask us, or just need us for general support. Don’t worry about this; we are happy to support you as needed! Before you even decide to apply as an au pair, you are welcome to ask any questions that you may have.

After successful application, during your stand-by period, we will try to find a matching host family, while minding special needs and wishes of both you as an au pair and the host family as well. Please note that the stand-by period usually takes a few weeks, although when you are lucky this will take just a day, but usually several months. The amount of time this will cost will also depend on your special wishes; in example if you don’t want to be matched with a host family with children, you can expect to wait much longer than if you would have no special demands. We are always looking for host families, but we are dependent on their actual needs and request, so it is not possible to tell you how long this process exactly will take for you – but you are assured that we are doing everything we can to move forward as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that we cannot really guarantee for 100 % that you will be matched at all within a year, as we are totally dependent on the demand of (potential) host families. Also, the host families will be the ones to who will choose the au pair, so it could happen that we introduce you a couple of times to a host family, but they all choose another au pair. We do guarantee you for 100 % that we will do everything that we can do to match you as soon as possible.

After you are successfully matched with a host family, we will request the IND to approve you coming to Holland as an au pair. This request will cost the host family quite a big amount of money, so you need to be really sure at this point that you wish to proceed. After this request is approved (and the IND is obliged to approve unless they have legal ground to deny you), we will inform you in detail and guide you through the next steps to obtain the remaining travel documents, to make sure that you can join your host family as soon as possible!

When you arrive in the Netherlands we or your host family may pick you up at the airport if the host families would like us to do so. During your full period of staying in the Netherlands, we will always be there for you if you have a question or complaint. Expect to speak with us often (on a monthly base), as we like to know how you are enjoying your stay so far and if you have encountered any problems. Almost every month, we will also be arranging the cultural trips for you. We will do our very best to make these a very enjoyable experience for you.

And finally, if any unfortunate problems arise, in example between you and your host family, we will be there to help you solve them, report these to the IND and take action in case of an emergency (in example arranging temporary housing), as you can read in 4.4.