About us

We are a Dutch company. The application of your family, match with your au pair and all activities in the Netherlands are all performed by our Dutch division.

The managers of the au pairs and consultants of the host families are Shyrell van Galen – Navarro and Wendy Gonzales. They belong to our Dutch department and live for quite some time in the Netherlands. Both are originally from the Philippines and in the past have been an au pair in the Netherlands. Because of this background they have the right experience, knowledge, cultural understanding and communication skills needed to conduct the exchange program successfully.

In the Philippines, we also have our own department, which is responsible for the very careful recruitment of au pairs in the Philippines. The preparation and supervision of au pairs in the Philippines is carried out by our Filipino department as well. The Filipino department operates under supervision of the Dutch department. The recruitment of Filipino au pairs is performed in compliance with the requirements of both the Dutch and Philippine law and additional standards we set ourselves.

Our exchange program is in compliance with the most recent law (assessed after June 1, 2013, law MoMi) approved by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Ministry of Security and Justice, located in Holland.