Operating Procedure

Below is a description of our operating procedure.

  1. After a telephone conversation we schedule an interview at our office (in very rare occasions by internet), where we will judge if you are suited to become an au pair and you will be informed of the details.
  2. After the interview we will send you the contract (if you meet the requirements). You can take your time to read this and make your decision. If you have any questions please contact us so these are clarified before your application is submitted.
  3. You have now entered the ‘stand-by’ period. We are searching a matching host family for you. This may take anywhere from a day up to a year, but you are assured that we try to match you as soon as possible with a perfect matching host family. After we found a perfect matching host family, we will contact you first. After this the host family may contact you, usually by Skype or Facebook messenger. Please note that it is up to the host family to decide who they choose. This is not for us to decide.

If you already got in touch with your host family before you contacted us (so you are already matched), this third step will be skipped.

  1. If you are chosen by a host family and you wish to become a part of their host family, we will send the invoice for our services to the host family. After this is paid we will start the paperwork and submit your application to the IND, so you may get your residence permit. We will also prepare and sign the contract between you and the host family, which we will sign at the Filipino Embassy and send to you. You will have to sign this at a notary public in the Philippines.
  2. While we wait for the approval of the IND you will be further prepared by us for the Dutch language and culture. If you stay in the Philippines (and not already in another European country will stay as an au pair), then you will also be prepared by our Filipino department for the tasks within your family.
  3. After approval of the IND we guide you to obtain visa, with which you can travel to the Netherlands. After this we book your the flight ticket and guide you to come to Holland.
  4. You arrive in the Netherlands, we or your host family will pick you up at the airport.
  5. During the year that you stay in the Netherlands we or your host family will guide you with the obligations in the Netherlands (such as registration BRP, TBC test, etc.), we regularly organize cultural trips for you, visit your host family at least once, we have regular contact with you and your host family and we are there for you if you have any questions, problems or complaints or an emergency arises.
  6. At the end of the year the host family may request us to bring you back to the airport, so you can return to the Philippines or perhaps travel to another country as an au pair (to be arranged by yourself).

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