Operating Procedure

Below is a description of our operating procedure based on ‘Full-Service’, which means we take care of all possible tasks. Of course, you can also perform one or more of these activities yourselves, which will lower the cost of our service.

  1. After a short telephone conversation we schedule an interview at your home, where we identify your requests and discuss law and regulations. This is free and without obligation.
  2. After the interview we will send you a proposal based on your specific requests. We also ask the by law required information from you, such as details of your income and an excerpt from the BRP. This step is still completely free.
  3. If you agree with our proposal we will find a couple of au pairs in our current file that suit your family perfectly. If we do not have perfect matching au pairs, then we will find au pairs who do match your family perfectly for you (this usually takes about 2 weeks). We then introduce these au pairs to you. You can contact the introduced au pairs by in example Facebook, Skype or phone. This step is for you are still completely free and without obligations, the only obligation you have is that if you want to continue with a by us introduced au pair, this has to be done using our agency (not another au pair agency).

If you already found an au pair, this third step will be skipped.

  1. If you are enthusiastic and want to proceed with an au pair (of your choice), we’ll send you the invoice for our services and an advance payment of the additional costs that we will pay for you. After the invoice is paid we will submit the application for the residence permit to the IND (this usually takes up to 10 business days). In consultation with you and your au pair we also draw up the mandatory ‘daily schedule’ and sign it at the Philippine Embassy in The Hague or at a notary in your nearby area, after which they are sent to your au pair for be signed.
  2. While we wait for the approval of the IND your au pair will be further prepared by us for the Dutch language and culture. If your au pair stays in the Philippines (and not in another European country will stay as an au pair), then they will also be prepared by our Filipino department for the tasks within your family.
  3. After approval of the IND we guide your au pair to pick up her visa, with which they can travel in the Netherlands. After this we book the flight ticket for your au pair and guide her to come to Holland.
  4. Your au pair arrives in the Netherlands, if desired we pick her up at the airport and transport her to your family.
  5. During the year which your au pair stays in the Netherlands we guide your au pair with the obligations in the Netherlands (such as registration BRP, TBC test, etc.), we regularly organize cultural trips for your au pair, visit your family at least once, we have regular contact with you and your au pair and we are there for you if you have any questions, problems or complaints or an emergency arises.
  6. At the end of the year if desired we will bring your au pair back to the airport. Of course we could gladly match you with a new au pair as well.

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