Why do we select au pairs from the Philippines

Why an au pair from the Philippines

Au pairs from the Philippines are known for their extremely sweet, responsible, humble, trustworthy and caring character. They learn from an early age onwards to take care of their siblings and senior family members. They do this with great care and love. Anyone who has had a Filipino au pair will confirm this without any doubts!

In the Philippines, English is the second language. This ensures that your Filipino au pair can communicate well with you. If you have children, they may have the additional benefit of practicing English with the au pair.

As the financial situation is much worse in the Philippines than in the Netherlands, the salaries are much lower in the Philippines. For many Philippines it is an impossible dream to come to Europe and experience the culture. You can therefore count on your Filipino au pair to be very happpy participating in the cultural exchange program, because this has made her dream come true. This contributes to a good atmosphere in the family.

Our own employees in the Netherlands who manage the contacts with the au pairs originate from the Philippines too and came to the Netherlands as an au pair themselves. Our staff members therefore know exactly how to communicate with the au pair; they have the same background as the au pair, speak the same native language of the au pair and have experience as an au pair. This allows them to function as an excellent confidante for the au pair, so that any possible problems can be identified and resolved as early and quickly as possible.

Besides our Dutch office we have our own department in the Philippines who takes care of the applicants and preparation of au pairs in the Philippines. Because we keep the process completely in-house do not outsource this to another company, we are assured that our au pairs meet our requirements. We are also assured that this process is executed honestly and in compliance with Dutch and Filipino law, without the au pair being exploited or abused by a foreign recruitment agency. We ask the au pair therefore no entry fee, deposit or contribution to the training they received from us; these are entirely at our expense.

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