Benefits of Complete Au Pair

The recruitment and selection of au pairs is executed in-house by ourselves. This way we are assured that our au pairs meet the legal requirements, as well as our own requirements, such as the right characteristics and medical approval. A psychological evaluation is also possible.

We ask no contribution of the au pair, not even for the preparation of the Dutch language and culture or prepare for work in your family. Because of this it is guaranteed that your au pair is not exploited by an external recruitment agency.

The interview for you as a host family, the interview for the au pair and the match between you is completely free and without obligation. The only obligation you have is that if you want to proceed with an au pair who we have introduced to you, this should be arranged by our office (not by another au pair agency).

The match is custom-made by personal selection. We are not “internet agency” where you need to make a choice based on a photo and brief description. We match you with just a small number of au pairs of who we think will excellently fit the specific requests of your family. You are able to contact them yourself and make your choice.

If we do not find an au pair who you would like to invite to your family, you will pay nothing.

‘Full Service’ is possible; we then arrange everything possible for you. In example the matching, arranging the paperwork, preparing and training, books and coordinate flight to Netherlands, arranging the insurance, pick up at the airport, transport to your home, cultural trips and to the return to the airport. Special wishes? Let me know!

It is guaranteed that the cultural objective is met, in compliance with the most recent laws. The recognition for our exchange program has been obtained after the recent law change (Law MoMi by June 1, 2013). The exchange program is fully examined and approved by the IND – part of the Ministry of Security and Justice.

The most comprehensive guarantee options are available for au pairs that we have proposed to you:

  • ‘No cure no pay fee’ guarantee – This gives you the guarantee that your au pair will come successfully to the Netherlands. If this unfortunately fails at some point then we match you for free with a new au pair and we will reimburse the additional costs incurred.
  • ‘Maximum additional costs’ warranty – The additional costs are guaranteed a certain maximum amount. The amount charged depends on where your au pair stays exactly before coming to Holland (travel expenses). With this guarantee you will not have an unpleasant financial surprise!
  • “No mismatch guarantee’- This guarantee is valid for the first three weeks, if your au pair leaves your family or is unfortunately no good match: 100% discount on phase 1 of your next au pair. Does not cover the additional costs, which will only be reimbursed if charged to another family, up to 50%.
  • “Full year au pair ‘Guarantee – If your au pair prematurely leave your family throughout the year: 100% off on phase 1 of your next au pair, calculated proportionally to the remaining months. Does not cover the additional costs, which will only be reimbursed if charged to another host family, also calculated proportionally to time and up to 50%.

Our pricing is very competitive. If you compare our extensive service and guarantees, you will undoubtedly come to the conclusion we offer the best value for money by far. Are not 100% convinced yet? Make an appointment now and let us convince you!