Costs and our services

Our service is always complete, all of these tasks are included in our rates:

  •   • Carefull recruit and selection of the au pair and the host family
  •   • Interview with the host family
  •   • Interview with the au pair
  •   • Gather data and submit the application to the IND
  •   • Check the mandatory ‘Au Pair Contract’, including Weekly schedule
  •   • Appointment at the Filipino Embassy in The Hague the sign and legalize the Au Pair Contract
  •   • Guiding the au pair in the Philippines to apply for and obtain her Visa
  •   • In case of emergencies, we are there for you during day and night
  •   • Take care of the report and administrative obligations

After your au pair arrives in Holland:

  •   • Cultural trips in compliance with the by law mandatory cultural objective
  •   • Reception at the airport including transport to your home address or our address
  •   • Guiding of the administrative procedures in Holland, such as register en deregister at the BRP, Embassy, apply for a Bank account, Health Care Benefits (Zorgtoeslag), et cetera
  •   • A home visit of Complete Au Pair at your family
  •   • Care during the program for your au pair and for you as host family
  •   • In case of emergency we will be there for you during the day and night, for you and your au pair
  •   • Take care of the report and administrative obligations

If we have matched you with one of our au pairs, our unique garantees apply:

  •   • ‘No cure no pay’ guarantee: we garantee that your au pair will be approved by the IND, will receive her Visa at the Embassy and will actually arrive in Holland. If this doesn’t work out the way as planned, we’ll match you with another au pair and we’ll pay the ‘additional costs’
  •   • Maximized ‘additional costs guarantee’ for the expenses you/your au pair has to come to Holland, such as submitting the request to the IND, the Visa costs, required documents, travel and housing costs, flight ticket, special au pair insurance
  •   • ‘No mismatch’ guarantee valid for the first 3 weeks . If your au pair leaves your family or if there’s no good match: we’ll match you with a new au pair and arrange her coming to Holland. This doesn’t apply to the additional costs, which will only be covered if possible to charge a new family, which will be a maximum of 50 %
  •   • Unique ‘Full year au pair’ guarantee – in case your au pair leaves your family during the year prematurely: 100 % discount on your next au pair, calculated prorated for the remaining months. This doesn’t apply to the additional costs, which will only be covered if possible to charge a new family, which will be a maximum of 50 %

For the exact and conditions, please read our General Terms and Conditons, which we will send to you.


  •   • We charge a rate of € 2.330 for our services up to submitting the application to the IND. This very low rate applies to an au pair who you’ve found yourself and excludes above guarantees.
  •   • If we match you with an au pair, an additional € 1.000 will be charged and includes all of the above guarantees.
  •   • For our services during the months that your au pair stays in Holland we charge € 47,50 per month. The full amount for 12 months will be charged before submitting the application to the IND. If your au pair leaves prematurely we’ll reimburse the months which you’ve paid for in advance.
  •  • Discount is possible: we give a cashback-discount of € 215 if you take care of all the administrative steps in Holland yourself. Per request we can send you the details and conditions of this discount scheme (which we only advise experienced host families to participate in).

The interview with the host family and the au pair is always 100 % free of charge and without any obligations. We do not charge any costs untill the host family definitively decide to invite the au pair.

Optional services (you don’t need to decide about these untill the IND has approved the application)

  •   • Airport pickup of return is possible for € 125 each (only between 10:00 and 22:00) + € 0,45/km for the travel distance from Schiphol to your home address

All rates are including VAT and excluding additional costs (see below for explanation of the additional costs)

Additional costs

  •   • Leges (administrative expenses/legal fee) IND € 350 (amount from January 2022 onwards)
  •   • Sign, legalize and send Au Pair Contract at the Filipino Embassy in The Hague € 27,50 for the embassy and € 55 for UPS
  •   • Allowance for the au pair € 340 a month
  •   • Costs in Holland for the TB Test, if needed a phone including € 10 balance, register at the BRP, Filipino Embassy – total amount of around € 150
  •   • Travel expenses for your au pair to Holland and back to the Philippines
  •   • Board and lodging for you au pair
  •   • The premium for the special au pair insurance is around € 461 – € 540 per year. This insurance is mandatory when working with us, as all unexpected costs (medical costs, extraordinary costs, liability, own-risk amount for the basic healthcare insurance) are otherwise at your expense, or for the au pair (who will not be able to bear these costs themselves). We will arrange this insurance for you free of charge.
  •   • Optional: some host families offer a Dutch language course to the au pair. We only advise you to dot this if you think that this is beneficial and if  the au pair is motivated herself to do the follow the course.
  •   • Optioneel: if you would like to give something extra to your au pair, you could consider giving a ‘Weekend Vrij’ (weekends off) subscription. With the subscription she can travel free in weekend and with discount during off-peak hours.

If an au pair stays for one full year at the host family, the total amount of costs are between around € 7.656 (averaging € 638 a month) and € 11.695 a year (averaging € 975 a month). The exact amount depends on several factors, such as which service you request from us, where your au pair travels from, where your au pair travels to at the end of the year, if you would like to pay anything extra, how much allowance you will be paying, et cetera.

All amounts are exclusive of board and lodging costs. The amounts are a good indication, but not fixed amounts, no rights can be derived from this data. We would glady send you an Excel calculation sheet, so we can calculate the exact costs for your situation.